There were two major Content Updates for Middle Manager of Justice after its initial launch.

Version 1.1 Edit

Version 1.1 was released on January 1, 2013 and included the following:

  • New Storyline: Alien Invasion - The last two neighborhoods are opened up!
  • New hero: The Cosmic Crowbar - This hero was created by our ardent supporter Steven Dengler!
  • Valentines Day Event - Evil forces are ruining Valentines Day! Save love!
  • Memory Optimizations
  • Play your own music - You can play your own audio over the game and make Brian Min cry. Just make sure you mute the in game audio in the options menu.
  • Brand New Splash Screen: New format has a news ticker to keep users up to date on MMoJ news.
  • Easier iCloud Integration: You’ll be able to load and save manually from the iCloud and will no longer have to go through the tutorial to sync .
  • Water Cooler, Juicer, Yak: New items for the office that will replenish health items on every fight!
  • Heroes return to work - Heroes will go back to what they were doing whenever they are interrupted.
  • New Scheduler UI - Cleaner scheduler UI with bigger buttons for smaller screens.
  • Level Cap Raised - The level cap for the Middle Manager and the Heroes are raised to 15.
  • Achievements Fix - Achievements earned offline should be rewarded when the player goes online.
  • Branch Rating Fix - The branch rating continues to go up even after maxing your Middle Manager.

Version 1.2 Edit

Version 1.2 launched on April 2, 2013 and included the following:

  • Most Wanted Thugs - Tougher enemies that will randomly appear on your map. When you beat them, you get items, and have a chance at some rare items that you can’t get from the shop!
  • Meteorites - You can collect various meteorites during fights! These can be equipped to give your hero special bonuses. In addition, they can be combined with each other to create a more powerful meteorite!
  • New Hero: Gloomerang - She has a lot of group oriented abilities, and is fashioned after a lot of self narrating anti-heroes of the 90’s.
  • Various bug fixes.