Derp Man is the most powerful superhero never. His powers involve being derpy and killing people with derp powers. He got these s*** cool powers one night while playing a video game. He got stuck on a very hard level which he could not complete. He had such a spas that he ran into his computer, getting glass stuck in his forehead.

He also has a Das Horn on his butt. (For more information, look up Das Horn on youtube)

Super Powers: As he was playing Mario at the time he can now smash bricks with his head, jump on turtles and be derpy, killing people with derp powers. P.S. His weakness is turtles and will die if he touches one oh, his love for Princess Peach.

He is still trying to complete that level so give him all the help he can get and please donate today and save another innocent derp mans life.

Contact at: or follow on instagram at derpman_save_the_derp