Portrait gloomerang
"Here the streets crawl with vermin. My attack will be swift. They will not see it coming..."
Gloomerang is the brooding, dialoging hero added in content update Version 1.2. She does not require a storyline to unlock.


A vigilante with a dark past and mysterious powers that kinda bum enemies out. She's not here to make friends. She's here for justice!


Name Description
AbilityGloomerang Gloomerang Toss your namesake to hit multiple enemies!
AbilityRegainFocus Regain Focus Sacrifice your focus to refresh your team's focus!
AbilityShade Shade Bum out all of your enemies to reduce their attack power!


Name Stats
Gloomerang Lvl1
Base Costume N/A
Gloomerang lvl2
Gloom Leathers +20 HP, +1 FOCUS Per Turn
Gloomerang lvl3
Gloom Armor +75 HP, 50% Damage returns as Health


  • "More thugs... cancerous polyps growing on the intestines of the city... I must cauterize them."
  • "Politicians sleep soundly in their beds while their streets are ravaged by criminals. Who is the real criminal?"
  • "The city is cloaked in a suffocating blanket of crime... the darkness choking its citizens..."


  • Creator Kee Chi wanted to fashion Gloomerang after "a lot of the self narrating anti heroes of the 90’s".