Idiot Face was a normal guy named Richard Head, who had a stupid looking mullet, when one day he walked into a wall.  Unfortunately, the wall had a power surge just at that moment and burnt the word "IDIOT" onto his forehead.  The electricity got to his brain too, and turned it into mush, which later evolved into yellow sawdust and dead flies. From that day on, he was named Idiot Face  He was rushed to hospital, and later, the two doctors were found dead in the hospital, with obvious signs of either being hit in the head with a blunt intrument (authorities decided it must have been a saxaphone) or death by boredem.  Forensic detectives found his fingerprints on a book titled, "How to Bore People to Death, by Master DumDum".  Richard escaped from the hospital by jumping through the window.  This resulted in him becoming a paraplegic and having all the bones in his left arm turned to mulch.  When his brain was fried, he thought this was a message and it meant he had to do something about the injustice in the world.  Now he spends most of his time in a coma from drinking too much or trying to fight crime by slapping them with his floppy arm or running them over with his illegally modified wheelchair, although this usually leaves him with less blood and teeth than when he started.


  • Dead arm slap - 
  • Wheelchair splatter - close your eyes
  • Looking dumb in a cape - yup...


Richard Head is a play on words, because a nickname for someone named Richard is Dick.

Richard Head was believed to be gay.  He became like this the first time he saw Justin Beiber in action (ewww...)

Idiot Face believes the reason he walked into the wall is because we was mesmerised by Squirrel Man twerking in the background.